john 20:24 29 devotion. Will never do business with them again. .357 Remington Magnum. If youre wondering why the weather was so sunny in Texas this summer, it was the reflection off of Freds smile (and that white hair!). So I'll just get an AR. SCSA Competitor JavaScript is disabled. Feel free to check their website out if youre in the market for a custom bolt action barrel or stock from a legendary barrel maker. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. Mag. All were top notch. #8. But first we have to put in the ra. 207-7730. The only caveat to these barrels, IF there is one, is the requirement for a hangar bar fashioned forearm. I have an MGM G2 rifle barrel in 6.5 Grendel and it absolutely fantastic in finish (stainless) and a literal tack driver. Also included in the package are a standard wood . Our 7.62 x 39 barrels are intended to be handload-only. It was at least before S&W ditched TC. They will get all my business for custom encore barrels in the future. Print tight groups with reloads. It may not display this or other websites correctly. It is the buyers responsibility to know his local laws. However, I have read that you have to wait awhile for his barrels. Traded it on a 6.5 Bullberry Imp. "Match" I can't speak for SSK. 700 is real close with the forearm. 435-628-0071 With unprecedented customization options. You won't be disappointed. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. For more information visit our Gunsmithing Services page. Bullberry had a long delivery time frame, two months to be exact. MGM BARRELS/BASES. Accetta luso dei cookie per continuare la navigazione. Don?t use them for your custom T/C barrels. You are using an out of date browser. Both companies make very accurate barrels and I would buy from them again. The owner of MGM is also the owner of a well established Stucco Company in St. George Utah or at least was 4 years ago. 15" barrel to shoot IHMSA with. The M vn n: texas contender barrels; Tn sn phm: Dch v: Thanh ton cc: Ni gi: Tn ngi gi: S in thoi: **** a ch: Ni nhn: Tn ngi nhn: S in thoi: **** a ch: texas contender barrels. Decided to go with MGM for two reasons. Bases, Rings, Stocks and Grips. handloading amp range testing the bullberry 6 5 tcu load data amp 100 yard results reloading firearm cast bullet bullet casting and more information articles, shooting paper targets is a good way to practice your precision shooting but for high speed run and gun dynamic shootingnothing quite compares to a good steel target personally i 17 HMR 9 Stainless. CONTENDER. Jul 24, 2011. kappajoe. My first barrel was from Bullberry in 22 k hornet. 209 x 50 barrels are priced separately for the special barrel order and extra work and accessory costs they incur. I hate to hear that. ** Custom barrels chambered in 32 H&R Mag. I have never had an MGM Barrel but did have one VVCG Barrel. I'm thinking of trying a bullberry barrel for my encore. Compared to the .410s, which are very clunky, this one will make the Contender handle like a shotgun. Item is in great shape, showing only mild wear namely from installation on to frame. Thank you. I own several bullberry encore barrels just none in a muzzle loader. Two of my three SSK pistols will hold 3 shots(. "Match" 256 Win. If you have any additional questions about our ordering and production system, please check out our page on The Custom Order Process. Muzzlebrakes, muzzle threading, sights and scope mounts are the most common additions to our custom barrels. They then said that since they order was a custom that there would be no refund, when my dad asked, eventhough they are the ones at fault. Come join the discussion about hunting, fishing, survival, archery gunsmithing, optics, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Muzzlebrakes, muzzle threading, sights and scope mounts are the most common additions to our custom barrels. ENCORE. A statement from the company can be read below not all is lost. One species has evolved into obese cranial fatheads with thin skin in comparison that whines about anything and everything as their shield against their environment. Thompson Center Arms. Please visit our Accessories page for full options and pricing breakdowns on a variety of extras. It was a great barrel which I should have never sold. Meus. Bullberry barrel price is only a couple hundred more than a stock tc barrel. and 327 Federal will be build on a true .308" groove barrel and not a 32 caliber pistol bore (.312" groove). +1 on Bullberry. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. We have a wide range of Thompson Center Encore and Contender barrels available for instant purchase, or using our custom gun builder. The workmanship is amazing. Three, 5-shot groups VVCG made the The item 17.25 222 Remington Match Bullberry Thompson T/C Center Contender Barrel is in sale since Sunday, December 26, 2021. I am looking for a realy accurate barrel. i am wanting to get a 6.5 bullberry barrel for my g2. Close. My first barrel was from Bullberry in 22 k hornet. Bullberry Hanger System. Please note, however, that standard Bullberry tapers start 5 inches ahead of the breech to allow ample room for scope mounting using any manufacturer's hardware. Slow acquisition on moving target. This does not allow for use of ANY factory-built ammunition. I recommend the bullberry barrel works barrels. Try Gary Reeder. Anyone have experience with these barrels? Barrels with smaller muzzle diameters can be accommodated, dependent on their bore size. Fred Smith, owner of Bullberry Barrel Works has announced that his shop will be closing operations. I believe he All three of these shoot and The best 5 shot group I ever shot at 50 yards. As always, we offer these frames for purchase as a courtesy to barrel customers, as availability allows. I would think any barrel, properly made, should be WELL WITHIN reasonable accuracy. I have a couple SSK barrels. The original Contender carbine barrel's muzzle diameter can be matched on your new custom barrel upon request. Still trying to contact him, but not getting my hopes up. Frame purchases include only the frame as a result of our wide variety of custom woodwork, laminates and synthetic options, and the inclusion of our hanger system on all our barrels. You are using an out of date browser. G2 SPECIFIC. in 454. 2020 Bullberry Legacy, All Rights Reserved, Available Calibers blued Chrome-Moly or Stainless, Pricing Premium Quality Custom Contender/G2 Barrels. If you prefer a lighter weight barrel for any reason just specify the details when ordering. . JavaScript is disabled. Thanks for all the advice. I own a Bullberry carbine contender barrel and another from Virgin Valley . eCommerce Software by 3dcart. While Fred Smith and the team have been producing quality barrels for 40 years theyve created a large, satisfied customer base that is sure to follow the Bulberry legacy wherever his successors go. Only show this user. Can't wait that long. Copyright var date = new Date(); document.write(date.getFullYear()) Their prices seem to be right in line with Bullberry's. Our steel hanger system increases your barrel's accuracy potential by free-floating the forearm from the barrel. I have one in 7mmremmag and it consistiently shoots .5 moa with H1000 and 168 bergers Randominator Well-Known Member Joined Jan 10, 2010 Messages 88 Location Central Kentucky Jan 14, 2012 #10 My most accurate Encore handgun barrel is a 15" ported .338 GNR. You are using an out of date browser. This barrel was aquired 2nd hand for a friend to build an Encore I have a 204 Ruger Encore barrel (for sale btw). Bullberry guarentees there barrels to shoot 1in or less at 100 yds. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. In the meantime, thank you again for an incredible 40 years. I love the feel of the barrel, it just feels well made. The addition of integral muzzle brakes, or requesting an upgrade to a longer special-order blank can adjust these typical maximums; a price increase may apply. _____ Prairie Wolf Specialties custom game calls Top #3060492 - 03/31/17 . Oct 31, 2022 #2 I can't speak for SSK. * Black powder barrels feature a 45 crown to aid in bullet and/or sabot seating. i just had the same thing happen to me with MGM I ordered a 358 STA barrel was told 4 weeks when ordered ended up being 9 weeks and when it was ready it wasnt fluted,no muzzle break, and it was ordered that way! Click on any of the to-scale profile drawings below to open a larger PDF file for easier viewing. Interested in a trigger adjustment? I waited a long time to get the BB. Fred Smith/Bullberry's crew, the Stratton family, left Fred and started VirginValley Custom Guns around 2000 and lasted about 4 years. MGM BARRELS/BASES MGM BARRELS/BASES subcategories. Certified Pilot The four Bullberry barrels that I have had were made back in the 90's and were all exceptionally accurate. Good shooting. Please call us with any questions. Interested in a trigger adjustment? The addition of integral muzzle brakes, or requesting an upgrade to a longer special-order blank can adjust these typical maximums; a price increase may apply. Custom woodwork, laminates and synthetic options, can all be purchased separately and are all available for use with our hanger system, included on all custom barrels. I havent seen anything on their web site about it though. I have shot a few very accurate barrels from mgm(matchgrademachine). I ordered it in April, and they ran me down to the wire on getting before an Elk hunt I had ordered it for. I hear they are great barrel makers. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. Unlike our Contender barrel forearm hanger bar, we have bars of different configuration to match the various Encore profiles, allowing the bar and forearm to always mount parallel to the bore. They all are quality barrels and the wait has never been over what I was quoted. Note: 35 Bullberry brass is formed from 375 Winchester Brass available from Starline, and dies are available from CH4D. Frame purchases include the frame only. All Rights Reserved. The only barrel I have from SSK is a 16" AR15 barrel in 300 Whisper. Their customer service has been great also! Factory Encore Barrels. Shouldn't they look inside the barrel blank before they make a $ custom barrel out of it ? I am most interested in getting the ultimate long range shooting from the G2. Jean has been helping hold down the fort in Utah, but the commute has been rough. Bullberry Contender/G2 barrels are most often made in a straight Bull profile. . I'm a big 7-30 fan, but have never tried one. 6.5 Bullberry,Bullberry Improved,and 6.5mm Match. I have not developed a MOA load for the 308 yet, due to time constraints. $60.00. Barrels in these calibers are intended to be handload-only. Barrel is super solid, it's 11 eabco barrels reviews. NOTE: Maximum rifle barrel lengths may vary by barrel supplier (typically 26 1/2" or 27"). Bullberry also is good, but i don't have any. While the quality is still usually there with BBW barrels, Fred's every day business practices have gone south IMO, way south. I had problems with my 35 wheken barrel and had it out with them for about 6+ months. While we prefer a phone call to go over the variety of details and options involved with every custom order, we are happy to work by email as well. BTW, check Ed's Contenders for barrels. Lehigh Defense has bought JD Jones' SSK Industries, i was wondering if they are any good making Contender barrels? There are so many people who do contender barrels, I would like the advise of someone who has been down this road before. I have had a couple SSK Barrels and had SSK Rechamber a Factory Barrel for me. Thanks, SSK-50/G1 CONTENDER (EASY OPEN ONLY) RECEIVER COMPONENTS, SSK-50/Contender/G2 Contender Platform Barrels/Bases, BURRIS SIGNATURE UNIVERSAL DOVETAIL RINGS 1" AND 30MM, USED/SALE ITEMS/NEW PRODUCTS/DISCONTINUED, Accurizing- Hammer Entensions, Hinge Pins, Custom Ammo, ENHANCED TRIGGER JOB ON YOUR USED G2 CONTENDER FRAME, ENHANCED TRIGGER JOB ON YOUR USED ENCORE/PROHUNTER FRAME, COMPLETE FACTORY REBUILD ON YOUR USED G1 CONTENDER EASY OPEN FRAME, HausofArms/MGM 6.5 Creedmoor 24" SS Heavy Contour Barrels w/Threads and Cap, HausofArms/MGM 450 Bushmaster 20" SS FULL Contour Barrels w/Adaptors and Threads and 6 hole base, HausofArms/MGM 357 REM MAX 20" SS Heavy Contour Encore Barrels w/Threads and Cap, HausofArms/MGM 357 REM MAX 20" SS BULL Contour Contender Barrels W/THREADS, HausofArms/MGM 300 Blackout 16 1/4" SS Heavy Contour Encore Barrels w/Threads, HausofArms/MGM 300 Blackout 16 1/4" SS Bull Contender Barrels W/THREADS, HausofArms/MGM 22 Hornet 20" SS Heavy Contour Encore Barrels W/THREADS/CAP, HausofArms/MGM 223 REMINGTON 20" SS Bull Contender Barrels W/THREADS, HausofArms/MGM 30/30 Winchester 20" SS Heavy Contour Encore Barrels w/Threads/Cap, HausofArms/MGM 6.5 PRC 26" SS Heavy Contour Barrel W/THREAD AND CAP AND BASE, HausofArms/MGM 300 WinMAG 24" SS FULL Contour Encore Barrels w/Adaptors w/base w/threads, HausOfArms/MGM 350 Legend SS 20" Heavy Contour Encore Barrel W/THREAD AND CAP, HausOfArms/MGM SS 350 Legend 20" Bull Contour Contender Barrel W/THREADS, T/C Encore MGM Custom 4 hole Steel Scope Base Blue (E1B) w/Screws, T/C Contender MGM Custom 4 hole Steel Scope Base Blue (C1B) w/Screws. I. Custom barrels chambered in 7.62 x 39 will be built on a true .308" groove barrel. The more I have thought about that, the more it sounds like something to sell someone. Bullberry had a long delivery time frame, two months to be exact. HausOfArms Products [20] Previous Page 1 2. I have owned Bullberry and MGM barrels and honestly believe you will be thrilled with either. They are pricey but worth it. I understand the the owner of Bullberry retired and left the company to one of his employees (or a relative..not sure). I have a 14" 30-30AI Shilen SS barrel for my Contender that I got from MGM (Match ly hng - No the Grendel is too much for the Contender frame but works in the Encore. I think Bellm offers a MGM barrel for a little less and its also very good. T/C Contender MGM Custom 4 hole Steel Scope Base Stainless (C1S) w/Screws . Register today and take advantage of membership benefits. With the retiring of the business comes some great products in ourCloseout Sale.
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