Please purchase a subscription to read our premium content. Booking reports. Monday, December 12: security at Claremont Toyota, 601 Auto Center Dr., called the Claremont Police Department at 8:15 p.m. because two men were on the sales lot checking for open vehicles. Nourses bail is set at $50,000 cash only with special conditions. A second batch is expected to be released before late April. For a more extensive list of local attractions, check out ourThings To Dopage. Authorities say the four-month investigation centered on illegal narcotic sales in the Claremont area. 0000064468 00000 n At the time, selectmen said they were surprised and said his departure was a loss for the town. Clows bail is set at $10,000 cash only with special conditions. Visit the Parks and Recreation pageto find out how. 0000068695 00000 n 5-15-13 at 12:31 a.m. Tyeron COOPER, age 24 of Westbrook, ME was arrested on Interstate 95 in Greenland and charged with Conspiracy to Sell a Narcotic Drug, Falsifying Physical Evidence, Criminal . Kelly Spacapan, 28, of Claremont, was charged with 1 count of conspiracy to commit sale of a controlled drug and 5 counts of sale of a controlled drug, Oxycodone. Two years ago, the New Hampshire Union Leader first raised an issue with the limited amount of information the state provides on police certification. Allow up to 24 hours for comment approval. Winds E at 10 to 20 mph. Last year, the New Hampshire Legislature passed a law opening certification hearings, and a Merrimack County Superior Court judge issued a ruling favorable to the release of certification records. Zachary Undeen, 24, of Claremont, was charged with 2 counts of a controlled drug, cocaine and 1 count of possession with intent to sell a controlled drug, cocaine. Alan Hope, 36, of East Hartford, Connecticut, was charged with 1 count of possession with intent to distribute a controlled drug, heroin, and 1 count of resisting arrest. Stevens bail was set at $20,000 cash only with special conditions. ". Kibbe pleaded guilty to one count of unsworn falsification and one count of obstruction of government administration for his role in Ratcliffes arrest. The Claremont Police Department will aggressively investigate criminal reports in a professional and competent manner to ensure that, whenever possible, perpetrators of crime are brought to justice through conviction in the Court of appropriate jurisdiction. Ratcliffe, at the time Kibbe unlawfully discharged his Taser, was not attempting to avoid a lawful seizure, nor did he pose any threat to an officers safety or the safety of the public while sleeping in bed, the lawsuit states. Use the 'Report' link on Visit the Planning and Development Department to make Claremont home for your business! of 11. He was previously arrested Aug. 23, for conduct after an accident, Driving after suspension and reckless operation. A records check showed Mirano had a suspended license for a previous DUI conviction. 0000055883 00000 n InDepthNH fulfills the press watchdog role as envisioned by the founders of our democracy. each comment to let us know of abusive posts. Jessica LeClair 32, of Charlestown, was charged with 3 counts of sale of a controlled drug, Crystal Methamphetamine and heroin. He was released on a Summons with P.R. For the second time this month an alleged drunk driver crashed a car into the front gate of Corey Nursery, 1650 Monte Vista Ave., Claremont. The larger list is a compilation of Form Bs, which police chiefs file with the PSTC whenever a change takes place in an employee's certification status. The Claremont Police Department, with the cooperation of the Citizens of Claremont, will strive to maintain order within the City of Claremont and prevent criminal behavior through directed patrol, crime watch, innovative patrol and investigative techniques, and the use of available information to direct enforcement actions. In Claremont, Justin Leach resigned during an internal investigation into whether he provided false information about a drug sale. MORE. Don't Threaten. Claremont Courier Police Blotter: April 28, 2023. 0000076470 00000 n 0000055338 00000 n 0000069131 00000 n 0000065359 00000 n bail.Nicholas Taylor, of Claremont, NH is charged with Felony Sale of Controlled Drug, marijuana (x) two (2). Instead, the Office has concluded that it could not disprove Mr. Kibbes self-defense claim, beyond reasonable doubt, and therefore no criminal charges will be filed against Mr. Kibbe as a result of Mr. Lafonts death, MacDonalds statement reads. Rios was arrested for felony possession of an unregistered firearm. Low 48F. 0000084341 00000 n 0000056272 00000 n CLAREMONT Bruce Thurston, 38, of Charlestown, was picked up Wednesday, Nov. 7 for violation of probation after Charlestown police alerted police in Claremont. Help others by sharing new links and reporting broken links. April 20th, 2023. Low 42F. He was held for detoxification and later released with a citation to appear at Pomona Superior Court. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of these individuals is asked to called Claremont Police Department at 603-542-9538 or the Newport Police Department at 603-863-3232. New companies, moving to Claremont or expanding in the city, have opened up new career pathways in IT, sales, account management, and data processing. 0000001671 00000 n is published by the New Hampshire Center for Public Interest Journalism. See here for more information: racist or sexually-oriented language. 0000068749 00000 n Daniel Clow, of Lempster, NH is charged with Felony Sale of Controlled Drug, Ritalin (x) two (2) in a school zone; and Felony Sale of Controlled Drug, morphine. 0000084687 00000 n Published: Sep. 3, 2021 at 10:03 AM PDT. Claremont Courier Police Blotter: February 3, 2023, Claremont Courier Police Blotter: January 20, 2023. 2023, Hearst Television Inc. on behalf of WPTZ-TV. Last year, the PSTC released the names of 13 officers whose certification status had changed. Brandon Kopacz, of Newport, NH is facing charges of Felony Sale of Controlled Drug, Buprenorphine (x) three (3). At the Salem Police Department, social media posts by Brian Routhier got him in trouble. Change. The Claremont Police Department strives to provide the City of Claremont with professional, compassionate police services with a primary focus on working together with the Citizens of Claremont to help maintain or improve the quality of life within the City of Claremont. At 5:29 a.m. the Claremont Police Department received an alert from a BMW's automatic emergency call system that the car had been . He said the Council is continuing to look at placing certification records online similar to online licensing status of physicians, nurses and a host of other professions. A Baker's Dozen Arrested In Claremont Drug Bust. - The New Hampshire Center for Public Interest Journalism, Become an Underwriter Today, Something Fishy About Mans Death at SPU After Altercation With Guards, Lawyer Says, Major Bill For Utilities To Enter Long-Term Power Agreements Gets OKd By Committee, Untimely Death at Secure Psychiatric Unit at State Prison; Few Details Released. For example, Daniel Wicks resigned on Sept. 21 as chief of the Brentwood Police Department. 0000057269 00000 n Police said the Los Angeles County District Attorney is due to announce this week the charges Dr. Mao will face. You may not use this site for the purposes of furnishing consumer reports about search subjects or for any use prohibited by the FCRA. Claremont Police Records contain details on crimes, arrests, and criminal activities in Claremont, New Hampshire. Be Truthful. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()), Please make sure you are not using our custom header option and enabled theme builder setting. 0000055614 00000 n Mike Richter, an attorney with Primex, Claremonts municipal insurance company, confirmed the insurance company paid Ratcliffe a settlement amount of $75,000. Arrest on Warrant 04/23/2021 20:05 ROUTE 12, Keene - Keene MCBREAIRTY, ANDRE (44); KEENE, NH 1289 - LAMOUREUX, JAMES Reckless Operation . 0000001253 00000 n 0000076689 00000 n Threats of harming another When officers arrived, they located two people walking east on Auto Center Drive and made contact with them near Super King Market. John Scippa, the director of the PSTC, cautioned against assuming that misconduct is involved every time an officer's status changes. Over a dozen people in New Hampshire were arrested on various drug related charges as a result of multi-agency investigation into criminal activity in Claremont.Shawn Butler, of Claremont, NH is charged with felony sale of controlled drug, cocaine; and felony sale of controlled drug, marijuana. Lafont was known to be depressed and in the habit of calling police officers when suffering a mental health crisis, according to court records. More than 30 criminal cases were dropped by Claremont Police and the Sullivan County Attorneys Office as a result of Kibbes and Burchs actions, including most of the charges the pair brought against. Find out more about the cultural and historic resources in Claremont! We depend on your support. The driver of the truck reported the accident to the police. At 10:57 p.m. Claremont Police Department officers reported seeing a car run a stop sign at the corner of San Jose and College avenues and said it then began speeding up College. Of the seven arrests, three involved drunken-driving charges. The arrest of Concord police officer Bryan Croft on domestic violence charges and Lebanon police Lt. Richard Smolenski on stalking charges previously were reported in local media. Mark Bixby, age 42 of Meadow Street, Claremont, NH Arrested on 11/22/2014 on 1 count of Sale of Controlled Drugs. that is degrading to another person. A Stater Bros. employee called CPD at 6:02 p.m. to report a customer wearing a Halloween mask from the dystopian horror movie franchise The Purge had hit her in the face after being confronted about throwing newspapers around the store. Claremont, New Hampshire is a small New England city, nestled in the foothills of Mount Ascutney, along the Connecticut River and just off Interstate 91. 0000055739 00000 n A woman reported Thurston might be passed out at the Park and Ride in Ascutney. Greers bail is set at $5,000 cash only with special conditions.The investigation, which began in March, focused on criminal activity on Pleasant Street and Sullivan Street areas. Hes currently awaiting arraignment.April Macie, of Claremont, NH is facing charges of Felony Sale of Controlled Drug, Clonazepam. She later posted bond and has a court date Friday. The Fugitive of the Week is provided by Sheriff John P. Simonds of the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office. All cases are pending in the 5111 Circuit Court, District Division or the . However, the release reveals some instances of apparent misconduct and provides a more complete story of departures than previously known. Bike race participant killed in Burke Saturday, Dozens rally at Battery Park to highlight future of Vermont's labor laws this May Day, Massachusetts Man sentenced on gun, fentanyl charges, Claremont man charged with armed robbery, falsifying physical evidence, New York man arrested for armed robbery, drugs. 0000085181 00000 n May 1, 2023 Butler, of Claremont, Newport or Goshen, NH faces charges of Two counts of Felony Sale of Controlled Drug. Curtis, of Claremont, Newport or Goshen, NH also faces charges of Two counts of Felony Sale of Controlled Drug. 0000055398 00000 n Starting, expanding or bringing a new business to Claremont. Police are looking for Aaron Butler and Brittany Curtis. 0000001313 00000 n The Claremont Police Records links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to Claremont Police Records. Kibbe was known to be aggressive on the job, Burch told investigators in the aftermath of the Ratcliffe arrest, according to interview transcripts. Feb. 3State officials have released a list of 36 police officers who have experienced changes to their certification status everything from a brief 2 1/2 -day suspension to the resignation of the Brentwood police chief facing an internal investigation into physical threats against town employees. Samantha Heuring, one of the attorneys representing Ratcliffe, has said the agreement, once complete, will be filed in court and not sealed. 0000056008 00000 n It resulted in the arrests on Thursday of Jamie Huntley, 36, of Brandon, Vt., along with Claremont residents Mindi Thurston, 36, Thomas Sewall, 46, Heather Dow, 32, and Chase Miller, 29. 21 Nonprofit News Outlets Send Joint Letter to Journalism Foundations 0000075474 00000 n For the second time this month an alleged drunk driver crashed a car into the front gate of Corey Nursery, 1650 Monte Vista Ave., Claremont. Claremont Police Department In an effort to serve you efficiently, please do not e-mail your request for service. Thibaults bail is set at $10,000 cash or surety with special conditions.Cassandra Greer, of Claremont, NH is charged with Felony Sale of Controlled Drug, Suboxone (x) two (2). "Full transparency creates confidence in law enforcement because the police work for us," he said in an email. The ACLU said it recognizes that not every Form B employment action signals misconduct. The release was in response to months-old Right to Know requests made by the New Hampshire Union Leader and the ACLU-New Hampshire. 0000055882 00000 n Claremont mug shots. Severe Weather There are currently 2 active weather alerts. The latest list of 36 involves certification changes from Feb. 1, 2021, through Sept. 30. 0000065050 00000 n Greers bail is set at $5,000 cash only with special conditions. The investigation involved "direct threats (of physical violence) made to other town employees by this officer," the form reads. 0000069345 00000 n Nine suspected prostitutes were arrested for solicitation on Wednesday during a sting operation in south Claremont. Kibbe had claimed that Lafont was armed during a confrontation at his home. Welcome! The owner of the purse came in to retrieve her wallet and was arrested. The officer steered her vehicle into an alley in the 300 block of E. Mission Street in Pomona where she attempted to detain Alanis. 2023, Hearst Television Inc. on behalf of WMUR-TV. View Claremont Police Department website for general information page, including contact number, mission statement, and information on various services provided. Press Contact: Jason Pramas, Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism,, 617-460-0848. Notifications from this discussion will be disabled. When police asked his passenger, 21-year-old Pomona resident Anthony Rios, to step out of the car, a gun allegedly fell out of his waistband. Ratcliffe would learn of the shooting a few hours later and he posted to social media that he believed Kibbe was the shooter even before that was confirmed by authorities. Keep it Clean. Officers of the . Marion Moynihan Stevens, of Claremont, NH is charged with Felony Sale of Controlled Drug, Adderall (x) two (2); and Felony Sale of Controlled Drug, crack cocaine; and Felony Sale of Controlled Drug, cocaine. Mugshots: 13 arrested in Claremont-Newport area drug bust. The agreement has yet to be filed with the court, and Heuring has declined further comment. 0000055610 00000 n Businesses large and small thrive in Claremont. Whenever an officer is arrested, he or she must appear before the PSTC at their next meeting, where the council may take action regarding their certification, Scippa said. Burch was also required to complete 100 hours of community service within the next six months. 0000055361 00000 n Meredith police officer Kevin O'Reilly was charged in July for violating a protective order, and in August, Colebrook police officer Bridget Gales was indicted on a charge of title fraud. Machinists, welders, and people with a background in the trades won't have any trouble finding a high-quality job with the opportunity for advancement. Jason Heath, 29, of Claremont was charged with 2 counts of sale of a controlled drug, heroin and 1 count of possession with intent to distribute, heroin. Spencer Willette, of Claremont, NH is facing charges of Felony Sale of Controlled Drug, cocaine. Kimberly Boutin, 24, of Newport, was charged with 4 counts of sale of a controlled drug, Oxycodone, Cocaine. Bookings are updated several times a day so check back often! "Officer refused to participate in the (Internal Affairs) investigation and subsequently submitted a letter of resignation," the form reads. . Burch avoided jail time as part of his plea deal last year, the negotiated sentence called for a year in jail, but that sentence was suspended for two years on the condition of good behavior. 30 Apr 2023 12:16:25 Share your thoughts and insights with us on safety, crime prevention, and law enforcement. Winds light and variable. Terms and Conditions. Brian Hardwick, 27, of Tilton, was charged with 2 counts sale of a controlled drug, Crystal Methamphetamine and heroin. Ratcliffes lawsuit, filed in September, accuses the former police officers of violating his civil rights and assaulting him. 0000084957 00000 n CLAREMONT, N.H. (WCAX) - Police in Claremont say five people face charges of selling drugs and that more arrests are expected. Interested in taking a fitness class at the Community Center or registering your kids for youth sports league? Thurston was later located by police in the back seat of a car. He was arrested for misdemeanor DUI, transported to the Claremont jail where he was held for detoxification, and later released with a citation to appear at Pomona Superior Court. Concord, NH - Attorney General John M. Formella, Drug Task Force Commander Ellen Arcieri, State Police Colonel Nathan Noyes, and United States Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent-in-Charge Brian D. Boyle announce that 13 individuals were arrested as the result of a multi-month, cross-border drug trafficking investigation between multiple New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Federal . coles annual report 2017,
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