The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction. Asif Rupani, the production manager, said the operation is like the Beck song Where Its At, which repeats the line, two turntables and a microphone. And like a DJ, the hosts take requests from callers seeking to look more carefully at particular items on the turntables. Date of experience: March 21, 2022. Gem Shopping Network Inc. Gem Shopping Network, Inc. operates as a home shopping network. my credit card company got my money back, as with Sandra, I was also told that my account would be suspended if I tried to do a charge back, I told them to close the account. Thanks again. How do you make requests? Gem Shopping Network - Watch Us Live Now! Live feed is so informative & fun. I have contacted their customer service and ****** or ***** have lied time after time. We're thrilled to hear that your delivery was easy and that our packaging exceeded your expectations. The company left an official comment on this complaint. It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for reviews. Gem Shopping Network - titanium diamond flower ring. Shopping & Retail Georgia Joined February 2009. (Use when you call in or shop online) SHOP. For over 25 years, Gem Shopping Network has delivered the highest-quality, colored gemstones and fine jewelry to our customers. Hauser said they are set to sell more than 100,000 pieces of jewelry for the first time in a calendar year, splitting the sales amount with the vendor 50/50. Fade to black! Hello CK. Lots of hosts were let go there :(. I was sure that someone would request it, but after 10-15 minutes passed and nobody did, I chatted Ashleigh up to have it showcased. Update 10/10/2018: In 2013, Pamela debut a diamond jewelry line at JTV. I love that the hosts are likeable and so educated about the gems they are selling. They do not sell estate pieces.I like knowing what I am buying & with GSN, I don't know if stones are untreated nor the color clarity of diamonds. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you again in the future! Over 1 million items sold, all hand inspected. Everything we sell on our platforms is hand-selected and inspected by an expert team of gemologists, then delivered to your doorstep with a 30-day return policy. Were definitely able to move product quicker [than through retail], and the customers are loyal.. LOL! There was a pendant that Wes tried to mention at the beginning of the turntable, but was quietly Shushed by the KALLATI vendor, Skip. When are the 2023 college graduation ceremonies in Georgia? Ok, for all the "seasoned" home shopping watchers, list your recollection of former hosts from any network. Meet the Gem Shopping Network Hosts! Share your photos and videos with others to prove the truth of your words. Montana Sapphire and Diamond Double Row Hoop Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold, LALI JEWELS Ruby and Diamond Ring in 14K Yellow Gold, Rose De France Amethyst and Diamond Halo Ring in 14K White Gold, Pear-Cut Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold, Charles Krypell Mother Of Pearl and Diamond Earrings in STERLING SILVER|14K, Cirari Couture Jewels Citrine and Diamond Pendant in 14K, LALI JEWELS Freshwater Pearl Bracelet in 14K, LALI JEWELS Peridot and Diamond Halo Ring in 14K Yellow Gold. :). I made a lot of friends, learned a whole new way to sell and was disappointed when the network was sold. With all the claims that with the Argyle mines closing and that .04 is considered a significant solitaire, what about my .04ct loss of size in a significant solitaire? The company started in 1997 as a weekend show hosted by gemologist Frank Circelli focusing on unique colored gemstones. Hello, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us such a positive review. Steve Cardone Manager - Rail Fleet at Covia Trumbull, Connecticut, United States 1K followers 500+ connections Join to view profile Covia Brown University Company Website About Specialties:. 16 others named Steve Cardone are on LinkedIn See others named Steve Cardone . It's not necessary to go through the whole experience, but suffice it to say, their accounting department dug its heels in and refused to admit they were being completely unreasonable. OH Deanna what a memorywowI can remember people, but not their names, I remember on Q there was a woman young names Krista (something like that) she was very likable and cut with glasses and poof she was gone. 24 hours a day we bring you live TV with a combination of entertainment and education while presenting rare gemstones and fine jewelry. I will never see the merchandise. Old(antique) and estate jewelry are sold as is for a reason. We take our commitment to the jewelry and gemstone collectors that use our platforms seriously and strive to make every purchase a cause for celebration. Im warning you!. If Im reading the info on her website correctly, I believe she is now offering consultation to clients who are interested in the world of media broadcast. Christa Pitt I thought Christa was a very interesting one and I think she started about the same time as Laurie Shore. We're sorry that wasn't your experience.I'm glad we were able to discuss the issue and resolve your situation. GSN received their money, I kept my items, and my temporary financial situation resolved. All rights reserved. Thank you, and my address is different from the 551 S. Vine Street Address, Marion, Ohio, 43302. 26% of Gem Shopping Network employees are Black or African American. The sales person I deal with and a young lady when he is not available are a pleasure to speak with - NEVER a hard sell - only helpful information and follow-thru. People who write reviews have ownership to edit or delete them at any time, and theyll be displayed as long as an account is active. The Company offers gemstone and jewelry products including rings, bracelets, necklaces, earring, pendant . GSN didnt go 24/7 until 2008. Your order has shipped and scheduled to arrive today. Was overall a very pleasing experience. I have been waiting and waiting and you never showed the ring I wanted. Gem Shopping Network 24/7 Live Stream Gem Shopping Network 34 watching LIVE Mix - Gem Shopping Network More from this channel for you Fabulous resale re-opens its doors for. And when he introduces a new piece to sell from Modani Jewels, he cant help but utter his favorite go-to phrase Oh my goodness! He can keep this energy level up for hours on end. Even though I was well within 30 days of purchase, they refused to let me return the items despite my explanations. I would NEVER shop with them again because of their shabby treatment of me and lack of concern for a situation that was totally resolved with no loss to them. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Same with HSN. (Last year, a buyer picked up a rare $1.1 million Kashmir sapphire ring.) We appreciate your business and value you as a customer. This is how Gem Shopping Network works 24/7, hour after hour of bling, bling and more bling. Kitty, If only I can remember really important things in my life this way LOL! Davinia Palmer She was the young British lady who was on QVC for a little while. Gazette Member. It shows our efforts to make customers happy continue to be successful.For 25 years, our team of expert gemologists and partners have provided exquisite gemstones and stunning jewelry for collectors, ensuring every purchase on one of our platforms is cause for celebration.Were excited you agree and look forward to serving you again! To begin with they charge an enormous amount of shipping starting at something around $30.00 per item - and I'm talking about a pair of earrings. I used to be an avid Jewelry Television watcher until they fired Graduate Gemologists, Nicole Richards and Cheryl Ells. They still have to call in, the type of human touch GSN loyalists prefer, Hauser said. I especially liked the descriptions next to the hosts name, Deanna! The quality is second to none. Account says "processing "?Update: cancelation of order was easy with Customer Service. Update 10/10/2018: Between 2014-2016, Kathy joined Evine in a unique role when her long time friend Mark Bozek was briefly the companys CEO. I reserve the right to change my mind and shop with small business owners on other platforms instead. He is an accredited jewelry professional with the Gemological Institute of America, and he is the author of the book COLORED GEMSTONES. More Helpful? 15 7 Share More Gem Shopping Network reviews & complaints Gem Shopping Network - Awful experience Im a GIA grad and she SURE isnt a jewelry expert!!! Gem Shopping Network is sells high-end jewelry and rare gemstones. I filed a complaint through my credit card company and also arranged a payment plan to help me due to the unforeseen financial situation. Every sales person should be kind. The Duluth-based company has been around 23 years. Mindy returned to tv last year as a Guest Presenter for Jennifer Flavin Stallones Serious Skin Care line. We're glad to hear that you were impressed by the attention to detail that we put in to ensure that they arrived safely. LOL At one time I had purchased in ONE EVENING over $10,000.00 in supposedly 14k jewelry; 4 pieces I took to my local jewelry. The most common ethnicity at Gem Shopping Network is White (49%). Ill keep buying from GSN, but having a geology background and no duress over the accounting practices that might affect some, but I will Not Support vendors who discredit GSN and their viewership. She is now an actress with a filmography profile at IMBD. Pam, Wes, the late Bill Fahey (loved him), and my fav Charla were all fired. Should you return an item you will wait and wait and wait for your credit card to be credited for the return. I want say Ive purchased many pieces of jewelry since I found GSM. Lilburn . The brilliant cut Montana sapphire earrings I purchased are prettier in person than the photos on the website. Verification can help ensure real people write reviews about real companies. Does anyone know what happened to Erin? If you see it and like it, buy it! For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. :D. Im working on it-OK another hostshe left a couple yrs back from Q she had been pregnant-It seemed to me she was mostly on later in the evening , tall, I thought beautiful her last name was Mc-Something maybe, and she was so sweet soundingAll of a sudden she was goneno fanfare. November 29th I ordered from Gem-Nice on a flash sale $27.98 cast iron cooking set in blue. Alan jokes that Hunter kicked Eric and Bryan off the set! Submit a complaint and get your issue resolved. Never again. Many of the above comments about the screaming and exaggerated adjectives, claims, and fast counting that they pretend is being an auctioneer can certainly grate at my nerves, but the sales reps on phone and chat are mostly very kind and conscientious. People make jewelry investments here backed by experts, he said. Kathy left QVC with plans for her own own talk show; bummer that did not happen. is a leading complaint resolution website on the Internet. Sitemap | Call 888-549-1205 to Order by Phone | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy. It is feedback from customers like you that helps us to continually evolve and provide the best possible service. Gem Shopping Network reviews & complaints. This will surely increase the credibility of your complaint. I do miss seeing Paul Deasy, Bob Bowersox, Dave King, Kathy Levine, Judy Crowell and a few others. Then he left QVC to pursue other interests such as writing and music (thats what I read anyway). This review was chosen algorithmically as the most valued customer feedback. Your feedback lets us know were achieving our goals. with an American flag in the background. Hi Jeanne! They met and married while working at HSN . Dear valued customer,Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience with our customer service manager, LaTrish Woods. She also published THE SNAPDRAGON PRINCESS, a childrens book I havent read the book (haha) but the illustrations look very cute! Eek! There are many, many more but I dont want to hog up the thread, so its your turn. Copyright 2023 TV Shopping Queens All Rights Reserved. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. That's impossible as the postal service does not deliver at NIGHT! I remember Larrys blue suit!!! Live television show host at The Official Gem Shopping Network. " BUYER BEWARE " Please let us know if you need further assistance or have any additional questions by reaching Customer Service at 1-888-391-9048.We value you as a customer and thank you for shopping with us. Beverly Hills Estate is the vendor I look forward to the most and their pieces are always perfection. I dont know most of the names I guess I did not watch shopping tv yet then. I brought this idea over from another thread. A sport fanatic steelminded trivia buff. But I did friend Nicole and Cheryl on Facebook and Nicole DID tell me she had a one year non-compete. Is ours, we charge a fair price for a two bedroom home which is stunning, decorated by me; without ONE ITEM from HSN, or your other faade of TRASH. Online shopping will never be the same after the coronavirus pandemic / . It was blown up on the tv screen and when you get it the item is so tiny it looks like a childs necklace Returned the item the second day Its been over 2 weeks and still no refund. He previously was general manager for Hispanic markets with the Discovery cable networks including HGTV and Food Network. When considering complaint information, please take into account the company's size and volume of transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm's responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints. Gem Shopping Network is an enormous scam. She was a very attractive blonde who was always dolled-up. Hauser said an average of 5,000 households are watching at any given time, based on Comscore data, but the number varies wildly depending on the time of day. When someone calls in, it rings like a rotary phone circa 1975, a ring that can be heard by the viewer to generate a sense of urgency. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. It has been over 20 days since the Gem Shopping Network received my return (sent via Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation). I am learning so much from this thread! My favorite gemstone/jewelry channel is Gem Shopping Network out of Atlanta, wonderful stuff, NOT cheap! Hans Burt was always a favorite. MY REVIEW FOR GEM SHOPPING NETWORK. What differentiates GSN from Knoxville, Tennessee-based Jewelry Television and its other competitors is that it sells one-of-a-kind pieces. Thanks for your feedback Greg.We apologize if our return policy wasn't clear. I have an awful memory for personal things! Shipping isnt much at all and I get my item with in a week. But the network never shut down, even when a few employees caught the virus. A $10,000 dollar hard earned lesson. This is not for the person looking to buy costume jewelry. Gem Shopping Network 3.2K views 1 year ago Exquisite Garnet Bracelet. I made an order for a cookware set on December 4th of 2022. Cammy, A picture says a thousand words huh? (888)391-9048. Gem Shopping Network 32K views Streamed 3 years ago Giant Jadeite Rings, Opals, Emeralds, Pink Diamonds & more! Update 10/10/2018: Kim is still on TSC for Kim & Co (fashion) and in recent years brought Crepe Erase to QVC. Showing all complaints. Terri is a former HSN host and so is her husband, Tom Wise. donna gem fan wrote: We're also happy to hear that you found our website easy to use and that our live feed was informative and fun. What Falcons NFC South rivals did in 2023 NFL draft. November 29th I ordered from Gem-Nice on a flash sale $27.98 cast iron cooking set in blue. The KING of gems is chrysoberyl; which should never occur in nature; an emerald by day and a ruby by night. Unfortunately, the vendor KALATTI, and their rep, Skip, sure put the credibility of themselves, host Wes, and Ashleigh-the dear girl in Sales who was placed in a very uncomfortable position with my ire. *In Canada, trademark(s) of the International Association of Better Business Bureaus, used under License. Wes and Pamela McCoy They were the king and queen, husband/wife couple, on shopNBC. The prices are reasonable the products are quality. International Association of Better Business Bureaus. It seems like more a carnival atmosphere at GSN, but that may be preferred by some shoppers., Kurt Schneider, who has one of the more booming voices among the hosts, has been in the jewelry business 29 years and a host at GSN for 15. Its very much on purpose, said Eduardo Hauser, chief executive officer, who joined the network a year ago. This will be the craziest opportunity of the year! said Pierschbacher, who has been with the network since 2000. I love both items.But, I personally believe that your prices should semi-negotiable. Can you IMAGINE!? Sort By. Anyone can write a Trustpilot review. 61K views, 33 likes, 5 loves, 6 comments, 3 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Gem Shopping Network: Amy is here (Kurt her Dad is in Hong Kong) she promised great deals on Beverly Hills Estate. 3259 Duluth Highway 120. Mike Rowe Now this one I remember because of recent posts that we have on him! She told me the sizing of my ring would be 2 to 4 weeks, which I expected. I paid shipping and the order confirmation has my address and phone number. Previously, Hunter was a Show Talent Host at Gem Shopping and also held positions at SJA Construction Services, Davidson & Licht, Helzberg Diamonds a Berkshire Hathaway Company. This is unusual, and your review will help us improve and strengthen our customer experience.Please let us know if you need anything else! I have NEVER had a problem with Gem Shopping; in fact, they gladly accepted a pair of earrings that broke a year after I purchased them. This comment was posted by a verified customer. As for Paul Deasy, cmon dude, blue goldstone is NOT a natural stone!!! I just love Gem shopping. I have to think of this Im sure others will have memories better than I do. Dec 21, 2020 The Duluth-based company has been around 23 years. How do I asl! Hunter received a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from East Texas Baptist University and a Diamond Certification and Colored Gemstone . You are invited to the most exquisite jewelry experience on TV - Colored Gemstones, Diamonds and so much more. On the Sunday before Christmas at the Gem Shopping Network studios in Duluth, host Marvin Pierschbacher is working to sell. Jewelry is stunning. . A sampling: AT&T, Spectrum, Comcast, DirecTV, Dish, Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV, Apple TV, On-air 24/7 except Christmas Day. Fortunately, Hauser said, there was never a mass outbreak. The Gem Shopping Network was an interesting place to work. Steve Chaney, unfortunately, passed away at an early age. She left to do a big time TV show only to never be heard from again!!! Extra attention to safety of gems in packaging and accompanying documents impressive. Thank you again for choosing our shop, it means the world to us! View Steve Cardone's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. They probably did that with Lisa Mason, but Im talking about when they were just disappearing like into the sunset. Hi Janet,Thank you for your kind words and for being a loyal customer of our store. 1997-2023 Gem Shopping Network. If you see it and like it, buy it! Refused me a refund. My purchases are securely sent & I am confident shopping at GSN! Gem shopping network, I watch this when i want a good laugh, first after the constant BS you have the WOW boy Brian, every other sentence has a wow in it, who does this, and Hunter with the most terrible voice one must get past just to listen to the so called bargains.All the screaming these so called men, selling women's jewelry, why can they not leave that to women and go out and get a MAN'S job.I can not believe they keep these lying little people there in place of who they should have selling.I myself would watch more but i just can not stand those fools on the show ! We also ensure all reviews are published without moderation. My issue is that GSN cares nothing for their customers. All rights reserved. This complaint was posted by a verified customer. If you ask they will "offer" to ship it at a less expensive rate of around $20.00 per item. Thank you again for choosing our company and for sharing your positive experience with others. IF THE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN WATCHING GSN LATELY, YOU'LL TAKE NOTICE THAT THEY ARE NOT SELLING THE WAY THEY USE TOO, SO I FEEL THEY ARE GETTING WHAT THEY DESERVE! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Gem Shopping Network - claims about gemstones, Gem Shopping Network - I will never purchase anything again. Everything we sell on our platforms is hand-selected and inspected by an expert team of gemologists, then delivered to your doorstep with a 30-day return policy.
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